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Pre-film events.

20 - 30 minutes before almost all films we offer an entertainment that is linked to a theme in the main feature film.  This is often one or more short films that give context to the main film or highlight a related issue. 


If we can give an opportunity to a young film maker with high quality work we do.  If the short film offers contrast that can be examined in the discussion group, so much the better.  Often we can arrange a visit from the director to talk about the work and answer questions from the audience. 

Examples of such events may be seen here.

Sometimes we arrange speakers, workshops, or exhibitions that are designed to be fun and educational.  There is no pressure to join such audience participation events and we often partner with a related local charity to give them a platform and possibly a little funding. 

Examples of such events may be seen here.

At most events our volunteer caterers provide home cooked treats that are themed to complement the topic of the evening.  These may be washed down with wines, tea/coffee, or other soft drinks; typically we will make up Pimms in the Summer and mulled wine in the colder months.  

Examples of such events may be seen here.

Once a year we lay on an extra special event.  The most special in the first six years was the film we made of ourselves relating our experiences with dementia, this is summarised and may be seen here.

Other examples are as follows:

Loving Vincent.jpg

When the animated film Loving Vincent was shown, the RCC linked with film goers and local artists Sheila Nash, Karen Gardner, and Suzy Phillips, who help run the local art group, to put on an art exhibition for anyone in the area to paint pictures in the style of Van Gogh. Many visitors came to view the exhibition in the hall and also saw the displays shown in local shop windows by local children and adults. Funds from any sales were shared with the local artists and the RCC.

Rusthall established an arts festival in 2017 initiated by artist Karen Gardner. Following its success further festivals were held in 2018 and 2019, the latter organised in collaboration with the Claque Theatre, directed by Jon Oram from Rusthall and produced by the local community. 

The General.jpg

For The General,  a silent film from 1926 we welcomed Costas Fotopoulos who improvised on his keyboards for the whole film in the most amazing way.


Our screening of Babette's Feast began in a local cafe where the 7 courses depicted in the film were reproduced.  Please see a 3 minute film of the experience at

Journey's End.jpg

Our screening of Journey's End was close to 11th November and made the hall as immersive as possible with sand bags and an airplane dangling from the ceiling. 


Once a year we hold a children's show that is free to all.  This time Paddington2 was the film that gave the opportunity for us to show off our teddy bears, enjoy an ice cream and donate some toys for those less well off. 

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