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We can only function if enough people come forward to help with some of the administrative tasks. None are onerous, there is no long term commitment, and tasks are designed to be many and small so that those who want can do different things each time.


As a token of thanks we offer

  • tickets and sometimes travel to other community cinemas nearby

  • a free dinner each year just for volunteers and their partners

  • enhanced voting powers for film selection


We always have a good time and aim to offer as professional a service as possible. We adhere to a set of principles that spell out what both RCC and volunteers can expect of the relationship.  See the job titles below to learn more about each role.

Each Film

Catering Crew. 

Sell hot and cold drinks and tasty treats 


Sell any tickets that remain available after advanced booking closes at the time the doors open,  scans the QR code of those with reservations, sells raffle tickets. 

Discussion Group Lead  

Encourages debate to enhance the experience by sharing opinions of various aspects of the film.  Invites someone to act as scribe and write a short piece for our blog.

Feedback Finder 

Gets information from the audience to help us put on a better show next time.

First Aider

Tends the sick and takes control of people who become incapacitated. 

Floor Manager

Responsible for overall smooth operation of the show. Looks for problems and resolves them on the hoof.

Furniture Wranglers

Set out tables and chairs before the show then stack them away after.


Welcomes guests and ensures that the QR code on tickets is ready for scanning on entry.  Encourages efficient car parking. 

Master of Ceremonies 

Introduces the programme and any speakers and draws the raffle.


The photographer takes shots of anything interesting: perhaps displays, speakers, audience, volunteers, food...   Still shots and/or video are good and are posted in an album on the Cinema's Facebook page.  These photography tips will help with better shots.


Responsible for all technical aspects of the show. 

Each Season  (6 months)

Advertising & Sponsorship Team

Searches out sponsors and advertisers who would welcome the valuable opportunity of promoting their services to our lovely audience.

Brochure Distributor

One of a team that delivers our brochure to houses in Rusthall and beyond.


Ensures films are ordered and received, licensing arrangements made, advertising delivered appropriately, trailer and shorts prepared. Prints and laminates posters before erecting them on poles a few days before the show then dismantles them after.  Distributes email newsletter. After the screening accounts for cash, pays bills, reports audience figures to licensor, and follows up feedback.

Driver / Chaperone

Assists infirm or nervous viewers by transporting them between their home locally and the cinema.


Devises and arranges a short program of entertainment before each show. 

Outreach supporter

Our charitable aims require us to offer companionship and inclusion to those who otherwise may not feel part of our community.  The Outreach supported identifies these people and assists them to join us.

Poster Designer

Produces original artwork to adorn our advertising material.


Advertises each show using various social and print media and email messages.  Ensure local pubs and cafes are well stocked with brochures.   

Returning Officer

Maintains film suggestions, compiles lists and invites votes, calculates winners, confirms licensing & media availability.

Set Dresser

Decorate the hall, and perhaps volunteers, appropriately for the film to give the audience an immersive experience to remember.


Members of our governing body ensure we continue operating according to our constitution, comply with Charity Commission regulations, comply with license requirements, and direct our long term strategy.


Sources and assembles audio and visual treats for the audience before the main feature begins.

If any (or all) of the above interest you please email and share your interest.

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