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Financial Support

Some kind supporters have asked how they may help us to continue showing films priced to allow those with modest means to join us despite the increased costs that COVID-19 has imposed on us.

  1. If you would like to give money but are not in a position to boost with Gift Aid then a bank transfer to HSBC Bank account 32198134 sort code 404437 would avoid card transaction costs.  Cheques can be paid in at the Post Office by the donor or a Trustee.
    If PayPal is preferred this can be done by visiting   If using the PayPal link please take the 'send money to a friend' option rather than 'paying for a service'.


  2. If Gift Aid can be added that would be appreciated.  Our preferred online charity platform is Givey who present a 'Donate' button at
    We also have verified credentials at CAF and Golden Giving (PayPal or card) that may be preferred by some.   


  3. You may become an annual subscriber to get free entry to films.  Please include any additional donation you feel comfortable with.  Details are at  
    Being an annual subscriber does not compel you to attend any films, but does give you the right to suggest films and vote to help select which get screened.


  4. By sending your used printer ink cartridges for recycling to Recycle4Charity we receive up to £2 each. To receive the freepost envelopes for this please register now at  


  5. If you play the TW lottery please select us to receive 50% of your ticket price by visiting

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