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Covid Certificate (updated 24.9.20)-page

Having studied the Government guidance we are pleased to see that although group sizes are now limited to a maximum of six, the number of groups in the venue is not so restricted.  We will need to make some changes (listed below) to remain Covid secure, but these should not detract from the enjoyment.  These are designed to minimise contact with other groups and also time in the hall.  Seating will be limited to a maximum of 50% of our capacity.   

Tickets may be bought in several ways:

Our preferred method is by visiting our online store at where seats may be reserved and paid for in advance.  The same service is available by phoning the box office on 0333 666 3366 although there will be a small booking fee added for this service. 

If you are not able to book more than 2 hours before the show starts, admission at the door may be bought with a contactless card or phone, chip & PIN cards are also welcomed.  Otherwise cash is acceptable if you have the exact sum ready.

If anyone in your household may have had Covid like symptoms (high temperature, loss of taste or smell, a new continuous cough) within the past 14 days please do not leave home.  Also, in consideration of other, particularly older audience members, please do not book a ticket if you will not have received your second vaccination at least two weeks before the show, and do not have a negative Covid test result less than 24 hours before the show. If you need a Covid test pack please let us know in good time as we have a few available (free).

Please arrive close to the doors opening time and if necessary queue 2 metres away from earlier visitors. Just outside the door you will see a poster containing the essence of these notes and an NHS Test and Trace QR code.  Please scan the QR code on your phone using the NHS COVID-19 app just prior to entering.  If you are not able to do so there is a sheet of paper just inside the door on which we ask that every adult in your group enters their contact details.  This will be retained for 21 days and used for NHS Test and Trace only.


Please make sure you are wearing a face covering from this point until after the film ends, it should be removed only while eating and drinking then replaced unless you claim an exception (e.g. if you are speaking to or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate, or you have an age, health or disability reasons for not wearing a face covering).  Free masks are available on our NHS Test and Trace table.  At the door you will be met by a volunteer who will confirm where seats are available for your group then show you to the hand sanitiser that we ask all visitors to use immediately on entering the hall. 


After passing the NHS Test and Trace contact sheet you will come to the 'box office' table where you may either buy a ticket (left) or have your pre-bought ticket scanned (right).  Payment by contactless card or phone is encouraged, but failing that chip & PIN is an option.  If electronic payment is not possible then you may pay with cash but please have the exact amount ready.


Please observe the one way path - hugging the walls on the way to the screen and up the centre aisle on the way to the exit.  Please remain in your seat unless either visiting the catering table for a drink or ice cream, or the toilets.  Payment for drinks and snacks should ideally be by contactless card or phone but failing that exact change is acceptable.


Please remain seated unless you need to visit the lavatory.  If you do, please maintain social distance from others and select a cubicle displaying a green 'disinfected' sign hanging on the door.  As you leave please remember to leave the cubicle door open and turn the card that is hanging on the door over to display the red 'awaiting disinfection' sign.

All seats are 1.5 meters away from other rows and separated from adjoining groups by a table.  Recycled air conditioning will be disabled - heating will be by radiators only and ventilation by open doors and windows.  Immediately after the film you are welcome to join our discussion group in person, but this will be concurrently available remotely using Zoom Meeting ID: 974 2567 8900 - details in the fortnightly newsletter. 

After your visit you may like to add a post to our Facebook page to record how safe you felt.  If there is anything we can improve please send a note using the Contact form