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At our Cinema we welcome those in wheelchairs and with other mobility aids, there is a small ramp to get into the front door then we're flat all the way.  We have an easily accessible disabled toilet. Book your ticket as normal and when you arrive the usher will remove the regular chair to make space for your wheelchair. 

There is also an induction loop for those with hearing difficulties, please switch your asit to 'T' and speak with the projectionist if you need this adjusted. 


For anyone local who is unable to reach us under their own steam we offer a free car transport service - please contact us a few days in advance to take advantage of this.  If you are absolutely unable to visit us we can arrange a Facebook Live feed or Zoom broadcast if notified a few days in advance. 

We always have trained first aiders on duty, please let us know of any potential issues as soon as possible.  We also have dementia friends we can call on if we know a few days in advance.

We don't want financial difficulties to stop anyone attending our films.  If the standard £5 ticket is a problem for you just email requesting a 50% or 100% discount.  All such requests are granted without question.

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