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Photography Tips


  1. Take your time

  2. Hold the phone/camera steady - use tripod or lean against something

  3. Take lots of photos to choose from

  4. Turn the flash off and work with available light

  5. Turn the flash on and compare

  6. Set resolution to High

  7. Tag your favourites to find easily later

  8. Set the images to 300dpi for print

  9. Try not to Zoom in - walk up instead

  10. Don't shoot into the light

  11. Look for contrasting backgrounds

  12. Photograph handwritten messages, feedback, & letters to use rather than typing text on the image


  1. Watch the edges (overlaps between foreground and background, figures, objects)

  2. Create a narrative by joining key elements

  3. Law of Thirds - 9 squares

  4. Frame within a frame (looking through a window or doorway or legs, even)

  5. Geometry, such as the Golden Angle

  6. Cropping to eliminate noise of those who haven't given permission to have their photo taken.

  7. Mirroring

  8. Juxtaposition

  9. Negative space (especially helpful for adding text later)

  10. Leading Lines/Diagonals to take the viewer's eye in and around the picture

Event Coverage

  1. Details (such as the trophy)

  2. Establishing Shot (to show the  scale of the event)

  3. Human Relationship (such as showing the fun or surprise)

  4. Key Moments 

  5. The Portrait - Star attendees

  6. Photo the volunteers

  7. Branding - logos on podiums, signage

  8. Sponsors' Branding

  9. Wild Card photos

  10. Coverage (ask others to add their shots to the storage space)


  1. Headshots

  2. Make Portrait styles consistent

  3. Photograph figurehead for press

  4. Have the pose be on a slight angle rather than head on

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