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Examples of pre-film events.

Some of our audience enjoy dressing to match the theme of the main film, and we often decorate the hall with theatrical props to create as immersive environment as possible.  We have staged many workshops and provided platforms for several charities and speakers whose focus is allied with the theme of the main film.  

Daniel Blake.jpg

I, Daniel Blake was the film that triggered us to invite Dawn Standbridge to come and talk about the work of the local Nourish Foodbank.  Our audience brought all the food we could fit on the pictured table and enough cash to make a small dent in a local need.

Testament of Youth.jpg

Testament of Youth.  On this occasion we partnered with Dawn Cole who exhibited some intricate lace work.  

Street Cat Named Bob.jpg

A Street cat Named Bob.  For this film we teamed up with The Kenward Trust and raised awareness of local homeless problems as well as £150 for this worthy charity.  The community enjoyed a cat scarf making competition and as usual, themed edible treats were on offer.

Greatest Showman.jpg

For The Greatest Showman,  we were entertained by a lady on stilts juggling flaming torches as well as the usual dressing up that many of our audience enjoy.  The girls from Holding Hands pre-school nursery came along to raise money for their charity which occupied the hall during the working week.

Goodbye Christopher Robin.jpg

Our screening of Goodbye Christopher Robin was was an opportunity for audience members to show off their bears.  After the film the discussion group tackled the serious issues raised in the film.   

Fiddler on the Roof.jpg

For Fiddler on the Roof The local Jewish community joined with community cinema to celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. A traditional dance class was held before the main film and personal memories and family history was later shared in the discussion group (pictured).   

Wild Rose.jpg

Wild Rose.  Local artiste Shep demonstrated the sort of country music we heard in the film.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert.jpg

For Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,  we ran a workshop in the afternoon to help people make their own costumes.  In the evening the contestants paraded on the catwalk to enable a winner to be chosen- well done Ben.


At our screening of Ikiru  we themed the hall including some volunteers' costumes to reflect the Japanese theme.


At our screening of Sully, Miracle on the Hudson we were treated to an instructive talk and animated display by ex-pilot Richard Goldstein.  The plane shaped cookies were fine too.  A young cameraman in training is shown in this collage. 

Brief Encounter.jpg

Although Brief Encounter was an excellent film, the demonstration of a working model steam train with artifacts capable of carrying many of our audience at a time proved just as popular. 

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