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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

2nd June 2018

Our 2nd anniversary show turned out to be the most popular film we have screened in those two years. All 100 seats were taken and there were a few gallant volunteers standing throughout. The 20 minutes of short films comprised a retrospective of still images from our Facebook page followed by a trailer for the next film, then a locally made film by Michael Lawrence comprising his paintings based around a limerick concerning a lady from Hale. We then watched Flight 205 land on the highway before getting an interview with the writer/director of the main film.



The Rusthall Community Cinema celebrated its second birthday on 2nd June with great exuberance and enthusiasm. The hall was filled to capacity and everyone was in a joyful mood. We began with a screening of a compilation produced from the collection of film titles and images accumulated over the last two years, with reminders of the film related ambience created at each screening by our talented and ingenious artistic team.

We were entertained by a very funny but scarey short. An airliner landed, not only on a highway, but on top of a vehicle whose driver desperately strove to alert the vehicle in front of the imminent danger. The unconcerned little old woman driving the second car, drove back, when all had at last come to a standstill, and cheekily stuck her finger up to the driver still scrunched beneath the plane.

'Barmaid at Hale' made her appearance in the first half; an animated cartoon video, an early work by Mike Lawrence.

A short video of Stompin' Dave Allen's clog dancing and music informed us he will be at the Toad Rock Retreat on 19th June.

'Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri', a David and Goliath, but with many deflections, evolved into something far more complicated and has no clear winner. It is not just a story of good over bad, as each of the characters display both traits. So full of anger, hatred and violence, the film is, at the same time, funny, with moments of true compassion. There were eleven people at the discussion all of whom praised the film extremely highly. We all considered the whole evening to have been a resounding success.


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