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Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

27th January 2018

On a damp January eve 20 annual and 15 day members came to watch one of Woody Allen's most popular films (licensing problems preventing us from screening Annie Hall as originally planned). We used our new AV controller for the first time and were able to connect up the induction loop. Several people made unsolicited comments on the improved sound quality - the film was shown in high definition off a Blu-ray disk. Breaking with tradition the short film was by the same writer/director/actor and called Oedipus Wrecks. The discussion group enjoyed the short more than the main feature although there was more to discuss in Hannah and her Sisters.



This film has two plots. One is almost incestuous in its intricacies of husbands becoming lovers of their sisters-in-law, and the other, which interweaves with the first, deals with the excessive hypochondria of the character played by Woody Allen. There are many very amusing one-liners, which relieved our incredulity.

The short film, "Oedipus Wrecks", is also a funny Woody Allen film. Sheldan's stereotypical Jewish mother domineered him totally driving him almost to suicide with embarrassment. However eventually he learns "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and becomes affianced to a Jewish girl with remarkably similar characteristics to his mum.

The discussion group thought the films, made in the 1980s, were of their time and perhaps today Woody Allen isn't as popular as once he was.

Everyone in the group was enthusiastic in their praise of the greatly enhanced visual and audio quality we experienced at the showing, due to the recently installed new equipment.


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