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Cinema Paradiso (1988)

10th March 2018

What a good time we had watching how things were for small Italian cinemas like ours in 1953. The English subtitles were low down on the screen so mext time we may consider raising them at the cost of a slightly smaller image. A total of 23 annual and 29 day members came an were treated to a glimpse of England in 1942 in the preceding short film 'Listen to Britain'. The bar was so popular we needed an emergency dash to the warehouse in the interval. This was the first time the MC used a wireless microphone and complementary comments about the experience were appreciated.



A funny, sad, entertaining film and the little boy Toto, was particularly well acted. The firmly developing bond between Toto, the projectionist and the films became all important to the growing lad. Inspired by myths and Hollywood he discovered reality rarely matches the ideal and the one girl he carried a torch for was out of his reach. A small discussion group this time but that may have been due to the lateness of the hour, as the film was very long. It was thought that either no short at all, or only a 5-6 minute one, would have been better this time. However, having said that, everyone agreed the short, a black and white propaganda film for Britain in the 1940s, was excellent. One person decided it was better than the main feature. All of us were greatly impressed by the cordless microphone Eugene used this time for his welcome and notices.


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