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The Red Turtle (2016)

17th February 2018

The 32nd film we screened was the first full length annimation. Given the mixed reception a short Pixar annimation received a few months before there was some apprehension about audience numbers. However the recent articles in the Times of Tunbridge Wells and The Courer helped us achieve 28 members and 43 others. It wan an opportunity to show many fine annimated short films which caused laughter and tears. This time we tried screening a couple of short films with no dialogue in the interval and the few who noticed seemed amused. The trailer forthe following film needs to retain its slot at the beginning of the evening though. This was the first film with dimmable wall lights to compliment the ceiling lights that cover the top 60% of light requirements only and these proved to add a little to our ambiance.



Persistence, the theme of the evening, was ably portrayed in all the animated films we viewed and enjoyed this Saturday. The Red Turtle held our attention from start to finish. A predictable fable told simply with such artistry and using a beautiful soft palette. I hadn't expected an animated film could be so emotionally charged. Fantastic. Of the six short films all had very inventive plots, but my personal favourite is "Social Security" starring a paper clip, Ben Twire. The discussion group was unanimous in their appreciation of the evening's great entertainment.


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