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The Shape of Water (2017)

28th July 2018

We welcomed 60 people to this film and started off the evening with two rather good short films. Love is Blind had the audience laughing out loud and applauding at the end, thanks to writer and director Dan Hodgson who recorded a 3 minute introductory video just for us. The second short: Prends-Moi was a subtitled French film that continued the evening's theme of unusual love by allowing us into the lives of a disabled couple. Alas the final song was in French, relevant to the film, but not subtitled ! For those interested the lyrics of Je te mange le corps may be found at La Boîte aux paroles website. Eugene.


What a visually and emotionally stunning film [The Shape of Water]. A Beauty and the Beast scenario but translated into a paradigm of tolerance and tenderness in the face of the grim reality of the U.S.A then and now! Very significant that the Psychopathic agent’s reading of choice was "The power of positive thinking" which I believe is one of the few books read by Trump. I applaud your showing of the second short film, which was uncomfortable but essential viewing challenging attitudes towards physical Disability and the right to sexual as well as physical needs being met. Thank you. Paul.


The Shape of Water, a fairytale fantasy, romantic comedy with a deal of gory violence thrown in for good measure. However, it is reassuring to see that good can overcome evil from time to time. The two short films shown before the interval upheld the evening's theme of disability. In the first one the clever, funny story revolved around a deaf mute and in the second we were chastened by the predicament of a young man and wife with corporeal disabilities. The audience spontaneously applauded them both with just cause. I personally found, following them, the main feature was a let down. For the discussion, a group of a dozen or so gathered. We were unanimous in our praise of the short films, although one or two people found it difficult to be in the position of voyeurs in the second one. Some were ecstatic about the main feature whilst one man considered it to be a rubbish film. Several pointed out noteworthy features - the excellent acting, the high quality of film production, the tribute to classic cinema, the now rather old fashioned use of a Cold War Russian spy, although, with an ironic resonance today, and the comedy. Sonia

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