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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

11th August 2018

This was a most enjoyable show and special thanks must go to those brave enough to dress for the occasion. As I write this there are plenty of photos on our Facebook page and video is to come shortly. The winner of the fabulous trophy was judged by the volume of applause as recorded in decibels on the adjudicator's smartphone. I wonder if this will be the first of many trophies proudly displayed on his mantelpiece. The audience were in fine form lip syncing to a Gloria Gaynor favourite and this bodes well for the success of the singalong version of The Sound Of Music to be shown on 8th September. There were no short films screened at this show. Eugene.


There were five beautifully, outrageously, extravagantly costumed contestants entering the competition held before the screening of the film, although more in the audience had spiritedly dressed up for the occasion. The specific costume design workshop held on 5th August was obviously a great success and the local charity shop is now much depleted of bling. The compare, looking immaculate in purple right down to his finger nails, introduced the contestants and the audience judged them by their applause and the acclaimed winner was presented with a large glitzy trophy to even more applause. Revived by a further visit to the bar we all had a go at lip-sync to "I will survive" before settling down to the film. An on-the-road story across the vast Australian landscape and the relationships between the three drag queens along the way. Priscilla is their large purple mobile home, wardrobe, make-up salon, sewing workshop and ideas studio. The journey is long and sparsely populated and at each township or human encounter the welcome is unpredictable and challenging to both the queens and their audiences. The film is a romp, explosive with electrifying energy, colour and extravagant costumes. There is plenty of scope for suspended belief. Ten of us sat down to discuss the film, most of us full of praise in it's entirety and all of us admiring the imaginative artistry of many of the scenes incidental to the plot, as, for example, the operatic singing on the roof of Priscilla as she speeds through the desert, streamers flying in the wind. The film was made in 1994 and it surprised us that no reference was made to HIV. Many of our number are very knowledgeable about films and the industry and I find I learn a lot as the discussion progresses. I strongly recommend the experience to anyone as the perfect conclusion to a good evening's entertainment. Why not give it a try? Sonia

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