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Paddington 2 (2017)

5th May 2018

Every six months or so we throw open our doors and invite everyone to enjoy a family film at our expense. This time some 65 people took up our offer and were greeted in the car park by James Hartnell with his ice cream van - Mr Whippy (photo on our Facebook page). We watched two animated shorts: The Present by Jacob Frey then Soar by Alyce Tzue. All seemed to enjoy those two 5 minute films then we went straight into Paddington. Half way through we took a 10 minute breat to top up on marmalade sandwiches, marmalade cake, and popcorn before returning to see the end of the show. The only thing after that was the raffle draw, and 15 young visitors won a bear with a choice of sweetmeats.



Paddington II is a beautiful film, fast and zany, drawing on everything from silent movies to pantomime, and for those ancient enough to remember, Gerard Hoffnung and his "Bricklayer's Lament". It is a David and Goliath scenario demonstrating the triumph of Paddington's ethical upbringing over selfish mean mindedness. The two cartoon shorts shown beforehand maintained the theme of selflessness and delighted the audience.

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