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Apollo 13 (1995)



On display this evening are five photographs of the NASA Apollo missions lent to us by Vic Hillary.

They include photographs of astronauts on the Apollo 13 space flight, a rare photograph of the Lunar Module first test flight in Earth orbit on Apollo 9, the launch of Apollo 15, and a photograph of the earth rising behind the moon taken from on board Apollo 8.

Lego Model

Also on display is a Lego model of the Saturn V rocket used in the Apollo space program lent to us by Chris Ducklin. The model is at approximately 1:110 scale.

The 3-stage Saturn V rocket was used to send the Apollo spacecraft (comprising the command and service module and lunar module) to the moon. On Apollo 13, the Saturn V took the crew into space, but a problem prevented them from being able to land on the moon. That problem was not with the rocket, but with the Apollo spacecraft.


This evening’s baked delights are DoubleTree Signature Cookies.

In January last year, the same recipe for chocolate chip cookies was used by astronauts on the International Space Station to bake the first food baked in space, using a prototype space oven.

On earth the cookies take approximately 20 minutes to bake, in space, to achieve the same result, they took at least two hours!

Our cookies were baked here on planet earth by Karen Gardner.

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