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Philomena (2013)

A cheerful group gathered to discuss Philomena. The film was much enjoyed, better than first time around. However, we did all feel anger at the injustice suffered by Philomena when her child was taken by the nuns to be adopted. The fact that the convent continued the deception for so many years also shocked us.

We valued Judi Dench’s portrayal of Philomena, warm, tender with surprising strength. We liked her honesty – she had nothing negative to say about the boy who got her pregnant. The scene where she ‘doorstepped’ her son’s late partner, when Martin Sixsmith failed, was very touching and showed her grit and determination. A scene we appreciated was when she walks away from the confession box in the Catholic church, after just weeping. She leaves without touching the holy water.

The movie did reflect road movies in style. Both main characters grew closer through travelling together and learnt from each other. The final scenes where Sister Hildegard is confronted with Sixsmith’s anger and Philomena’s painful forgiveness, gives a satisfying and moving end. It was certainly a film with some tears shed.

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