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The Third Man

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

20 participants joined our first Zoom meeting of the Film Study Group which lasted just over an hour and included excellent still and video presentations from

  • Amanda-Jane Doran

  • Gordon

  • Peter Kemp & Karen Gardner

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Jan 21, 2021

I was glad to join you for this event. It's frustrating not being able to go to actual screenings because of lockdown, but I'm watching more films at home and value being able to learn more about cinema. Really good to link up with other enthusiasts. Thank you for a very well run event.


G Becket
G Becket
Jan 14, 2021

I have tidied up the Zoom recording of Sunday's study session and split it into three parts.

They are now available on a private YouTube channel at the end of this post:

I emailed Gerhard & Karin at the Third Man Museum about our session and they responded with their characteristic enthusiasm:

"Your email really was like sunshine coming in, hopefully our 2021 New Year's video

puts you in a good mood too.

Many greetings from Vienna."


Jan 10, 2021

I attended the presentation as a guest and found it both very interesting and educational. All three presenters had prepared a very informative talk and were open to questions from the group. It was fascinating to learn about the the work of Robert Krasker from Amanda and how his influence can be seen in other films. Gordon gave us an opportunity to learn some of the history of Vienna after the Second World War and also to see inside ‘The Third Man’ museum which has limited opening hours. Peter and Karen pointed out specific moments from the film and introduced us to the ‘Dutch Technique’. I saw the film a long time ago but have felt inspired to buy it…

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