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My Cousin Rachel (2017)

16th December 2017

Fifty of us braved cold and wet weather to see this film. Those with an addiction to Strictly Come Dancing were not able to be with us as the final was screened at the same time, but thanks to video recorders the rest of us turned out and had ourselves a real good time. There were three short films - all Christmas Comedy themes. The first saw a reprieve of Fluffy the goat from the previous shorts program, then Teri Meri Christmas was a film about an Indian couple pretending to be gay to appease the landlord, finally Argentine Tangos showed us the struggles of a non-dancer to woo a lady. Mince pies, yule log, and mulled wine helped the evening along up to and including the discussion group.



A well acted and aesthetically beautiful film with a very pleasing colour palette, "My Cousin Rachel" is a masterpiece of disorientation ending in unresolved uncertainty. Was Rachel the villain or the victim? Circumstances stacked up for and against her in equally convincing measure, all of which we carefully considered in the discussion group afterwards.

Some of us were still not sure.

The preceding three light hearted and amusing shorts reflected the theme of the main feature and were very popular with the discussion group.


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