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Inside Out (2015)

16th September 2017
16th September 2017

This film was free to all thanks to our being sponsored by the Rusthall Community Arts. Some 30 adults and 40 children came to this film and all seemed to have a great time. Alas the popcorn sold out but we were able to supply sufficient chocolate to assuage the cravings. Born out of the old stories of fairies, good and not so good, attendant at the birth of a baby, "Inside Out" cleverly personifies every human emotion in brightly coloured little personalities who struggle amongst themselves to keep Riley contented and successful throughout her childhood. Full of humour, near disasters and extraordinary adventures the film appealed to everyone, especially the children. "The Voice of Kent" and the cartoon "Simon the Cat " are both a joy to watch, and the children were squealing with delight at Simon

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