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45 Years (2015)

12th August 2017
12th August 2017

We had a large turnout for this film possibly as a result of the quality of actors in the lead roles. German dictionaries were strewn around the cinema as can be seen in the photos attached to our Facebook event. 20 minutes of short films related to a theme in the main feature are usually screened before the main event. This time the audience were presented with two options and invited to vote for which should be shown. By a majority of about 2 to 1 the 'traditional' drama won over the animated science fiction. We also watched and listened to 'The Big Record' by Paul Cheese which was shot locally (including two scenes inside Sunnyside Hall), as well as 90 seconds of Jimmy's selfie and Lis' wake before her funeral. The discussion group following the film "45 Years" was small in relation to the attendance, but all were in praise of the film. The group found it thought provoking as it raises more questions than it answers. Was the accident in the Swiss mountains as straight forward as it was related? Catya was pregnant, was it Jeff's baby? Was there really a mountain guide? The weak point was that during forty five years Kate had never seen even the log of the Swiss climb; most of us are too inquisitive for that to ring true. Some fervently hoped the trusting relationship Jeff and Kate had enjoyed previously would repair and resume, but the rest of us thought too much smoke had got into Kate's eyes.

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