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Wild Rose (2018)

19th October 2019

Our discussion group was joined by our talented entertainer for the evening, the country singer Shep. We liked the film, which we felt was “astonishingly truthful” and which had “gritty settings.” Shep felt it was spot on about showbiz and the way in which music can save you from difficult events in the past. The upwards hero trajectory in the film was very familiar and some felt we were manipulated by it. However, there were some surprises in the plot line. The relationship that Rose Lynn Harlen develops with her children, after a time away in jail, felt real and touching. Julie Walters did not disappoint. Our discussion was very wide-ranging and led to us sharing some of our musical and other influences. Shep shared his respect for the mystical Persian poet Hafiz and we heard about the popularity of the song ‘New Town Road’. We all learnt from each other and had plenty of tips for further listening. We covered questions such as How can you be a country singer from Glasgow? Where was the truth in the film’s story? What do we say when asked where we come from? What is country music? What is the relationship between country music and folk music? Shep’s strong performance at the beginning of the evening educated us all about the range of heart-touching music under the country umbrella. We were determined to support him at his gig at the Grey Lady. Anne

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