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The Theory of Everything (2014)

30th June 2017
30th June 2017

Arriving visitors were treated to an an outdoor Pimm's bar and a game of croquet on the lawn with instruction provided. This mimics the game played in the main film and set the scene. We screened three shorts linked by the theme of the main film and introduced by the voice of Stephen Hawking. In the first we see a boy and girl meeting on a park bench. They get chatting until a large stranger sits between them. They then communicate via Post-It notes and take off all over town sticking them on strangers just to get a smile. The second short shows a different bench with boy and girl. She is deaf/dumb and we watch each of them struggle to learn each other's language as the relationship develops. The last short film was archive footage from the 1950s shot locally at Burrswood in Groombridge. In this we see how disability was handled there and then. After a short intermission we returned to our new padded seats and enjoyed the biography of the great man. To round off the evening a small discussion group formed and evaluated the films and the connections between them. Another excellent evening.

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