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Petite Maman (2021)

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

We miss Anne's usual summary of the discussion group here, but she is allowed absense from one film a year !

Rachel's vegan pumpkin bread was the themed sweetmeat of the evening. She used this recipe by Domestic Gothess

She says that "I used tinned pumpkin purée (a tin of America’s Finest solid pack pumpkin available at Waitrose).

Regarding the other ingredients (as the recipe provides possible alternatives), I used sunflower oil, oat milk and cider vinegar.

I also used a mixture of plain white flour and wholemeal (not as per the recipe). And I used all the spices listed apart from allspice as I didn’t have any plus she also used sweet cinnamon rather than normal cinnamon.

I would also say that the cake rose more than I was expecting it to so don’t overfill the loaf tin!

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