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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

21st July 2019

This film was sponsored by the Rusthall Community Arts. Alas just 35 people watched the film despite it being free - although a donation was requested. This could have been due to it being a sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of school term, or because football followers were watching the Rusthall Legends play Arsenal Charity XI. Eugene.


A great film for this year's Rusthall Arts Festval choice as the story resonates so well with the play, "The Legends of the Rocks", of our community's devising under the professional guidance and direction of Jon Oram. Before the film was shown Jon graphically described what makes a successful and popular story. The turns in the fortunes of the protagonists follow the heights and troughs of well being and adversity, whether the story begins with a lowly Cinderella or a royal despot. A modern take on Homer's 'Odyssey', three men escape from the chain gang breaking stones along the roadside. They encounter many difficulties and trials narrowly escaping with their lives as did the mythological hero, Ulysses. It is a humourous, light hearted, feel good film, perfect for celebrating our third festival. Sonia

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