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Harold and Maude (1971)

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Projectionist's rating: 6/10

A cheerful and larger audience appreciated our shorts theme of ‘Zest for Life” and seemed to love Harold and Maude. There were some who had last seen the film as teenagers and were thrilled to see it again. A short run time was a treat too.

Our hybrid discussion group was fairly small and we were of like minds. We were surrounded by giant tissue paper flowers, made by our members, which gave a certain 1971 vibe. The shorts led us to reflect on the importance of face-to face gatherings and social contact to keep people young at heart and positive. Iris Apfel’s spirit and colourful personality was highlighted.

One member said of Harold and Maude, “the film exceeded all expectations.” We felt Bud Cort’s wide-eyed and expressive face was perfect casting and we adored Maude’s character. We were a little jealous of the Odorific aroma machine. Cat Stevens’ music was enchanting. It was a quirky film to be celebrated and we gave it our collective thumbs up.


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