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Fisherman's Friends (2019)

16th November 2019

Audience comment captured by our Feedback Lady: “It’s got a great community feel, the cost is excellent and it’s so close to home, really convenient.” “We’re so lucky to have this and we just have to keep it going.” “If you miss a film, it’s good to be able to see it here.” “It feels like a real community and I love the way it’s run by volunteers.” “It’s just a lovely thing.” “It reminds me of a Book Club. Sometimes you watch things you’d never consider seeing which aren’t mainstream, but you get a lot out of it.”


A light, amusing entertainment perfect for uplifting our audience on a November evening. A predictable story written to a formula rounding out on a happy ending, but for all that, very enjoyable and greatly enhanced by the beautiful shanty singing. The play on deeply held sea going superstitions with the "emmet" winding up versions made me laugh aloud. The evening began with Peter Metcalfe who played the guitar and sang a beautiful and unusual song about the successful diversion of a V1 in Tonbridge in 1944. He may also have been the composer, I don't know, but I am sure I have never ever heard a song written about our own locality in wartime. The three short films that followed Peter were about choirs, mainly male and singing without accompaniment. However, the very amusing all male ABBA tribute did have the familiar music. There were thirteen in the discussion group last evening and we were very pleased to welcome Melissa as a new leader. As the entire evening was one of enjoyment there was no controversy and therefore little to debate. Two in the group had seen the Fisherman's Friends perform live in Port Isaac, as had several audience members I spoke to in the interval. We agreed that the Cornish people are generally fiercely parochial and rivalry is still maintained between towns in their county, let alone with other parts of the U.K. It is true to say though, any seasoned sea going man, no matter where he is from, will judge the landlubber by his sea legs. Sonia

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