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Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

We were on a high after sampling RCC’s delicious cake of the evening. It sported every known topping known to humankind. We gathered IRL (in real life) and on Zoom.

EEAAO goes at such a mind-numbing speed that the extra calories were probably needed. Our discussion leader told us that it had bagged 389 awards in total and described the main themes – the mother-daughter relationship, the Multiverse and the immigrant experience.

We talked about chaos theory and the quotation “Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once” was shared. The unrelenting pace of the film reflected changes we’ve seen in our lifetimes, from TVs with a few channels to the extraordinary digital world.

Was the film Great Art and would it serve the test of time? Some of us felt yes, some said it didn’t have the staying power and others felt that wasn’t a question we needed to ask. We should see it in the here and now, as a “playful and accomplished” film. Even if it wasn’t art, there was a lot that held the attention and was praiseworthy. The more amateur qualities and unslick production values were considered charming and refreshing.

Some of us didn’t enjoy sci-fi and found the film over-stimulating, although certain elements, like the costumes, make-up and design appealed. We wondered why some people laughed when others didn’t find it funny at all. Dog lovers may have winced during one scene, hot dog lovers would be in their element.

Was this a post-modernist piece that deserved appreciation or as one member of RCC popped in to say – Emperor’s New Clothes? Well, it’s a Marmite film. Although our group was yearning more for post RCC fish and chips and bagels after an overwhelming evening.

Anne Goldstein.

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