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Dune (2021)

Projectionist's rating: 1/10

Dune – well, it’s like sandy Marmite, isn’t it? For some, it was an enthralling and “visually beautiful feast”, a filmic treat where you could lose yourself. They were mesmerised and caught up in the hero’s story. For others, it was less of a joy. I am in that category really. It is all mystifying to me and I get more engaged with the design features on Timothée Chalamet’s uniform than the overwhelming sci-fi activity.

Even among the fans of the film, there was some confusion with understanding the story line. Thankfully our discussion lead had done his research. He was able to explain about the dreams and visions, the sandworms and religious connections.

We agreed that it was a fine cast and Hans Zimmer’s unexpected bagpipe music was especially appreciated. We were delighted that the audience included some young people and that the sandie cookie treat was out of this world.

The shorts were enjoyed and thanks to Phil, one of our RCC film festival judges, for suggesting the moving Timothy Spall film, This Time Away.


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