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Selected Films Part 3
Doors open 2pm Sunday 16th October
Films listted in planned order of screening

Short introduction by Jeanne Pope and dedication to Mahsa Amini who was killed. Screen the chat with Banafchch

this is a man_s world official poster.jpg

parastoo azad,  Iran, Islamic Republic of

This is a man's world

A woman takes a cab through a tough Iranian man's world.



Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Afghanistan

Even though your parents love you and want you to marry well, how can a girl extricate herself from an arranged marriage she doesn’t want?  A little Afghan girl, Nazpari, shows you how.

An interval where Bastani (Persian ice-cream) and baklava will be served.

Jeanne will then talk about Iran and women in Iranian film and the importance film has played since the Iranian revolution. Both doc and fiction. She will highlight Bahram Beyzai who has always cast his women in roles which take them outside the cultural box so to speak.


Forbidden Birth

Sohrab Kavir, Iran, Islamic Republic of

At Leila's surprise birthday party, she reveals that she is pregnant.  Her friends help her to work out her options.

I won’t remain alone (1)_edited.jpg

I won’t remain alone

Yaser Talebi, Iran, Islamic Republic of

A blind octogenarian and his wife, living in poverty, make a moral decision on the death of their son.  A film crew visits the couple to witness a moving end to their decision.

Copy of قرنطینه 1-1.jpg


Majid Mirhashemi, Iran, Islamic Republic of

During the Covid quarantine a mother and daughter find a way around the attitudes of the family patriarch.

A discussion live in the hall and also over Zoom will take place ending at about 5:30pm.

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