Rusthall Community Cinema
Films we all choose, watch, then discuss. A charitable entertainment hub run by volunteers.


The projectionist is responsible for all technical operation including the induction loop and wireless microphone when required. The key aim is to make the show run as smoothly as possiible, this is best done by rehearsing all show components well in advance.  This allows smooth transitions of lighting and volume. Remember to enable the induction loop for each input change.  The hall temperature needs to be monitored throughout the evening. 

Arriving at the hall soon after 5.30 is suggested so that a sound check can be done with minimum background noise. The level of the main film through each of the speakers needs to be checked and adjusted where necessary. The projector is powered up from its own supply and the blackout blinds closed.  The start and end points of the main film need be watched to know when to pause the film at the beginning and when to start raising the house lights at the end.

The short film reel needs to be seen to assess the volume throughout and to establish at what point house lights need be raised.  It is then cued up.  The background music is then started followed by the slide show (full screen).  The entrance table needs to be supplied with power for the table lamp and film title display box.

At the end of the evening everything needs to be powered off.  Note that the projector should be switched off at the remote control and the fans allowed to stop before cutting the power.  The screen should be raised immediately before the discussion group begins or after it finishes to avoid disrupting their counsel.  Remember to power off the central LED lights before locking the cabinet(s).  

Please let Eugene know how this procedure or description could be improved.