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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

21st October 2017

Another milestone evening as we screen our first film using our own, new, projector: a BenQ LK970. 22 annual members and 23 door sales came to see an evening themed around mental health. After a few words from Cllr. James McInroy who presented the projector to us we watched a short film called Inside directed by Trevor Sands which gave an insight into what hearing multiple voices could be like. We then watched Stephen Fry talk to the Oxford Union about his own issues with bipolar disorder. Finally we saw a Kent based project that encouraged people to sing to enhance their mental health. As usual we finished with the raffle draw and discussion group before heading home on a wet and windy night.



One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a funny, entertaining film and an old favourite with many. Set in an American institute for the insane the big question is, are the inmates mad, particularly the lead character, Murphy? The tussle for supremacy between the establishment and the patients is, however, weighted; the nurses know and play on each man's Achilles heel, but to suppress Murphy they resort to the ultimate, mid twentieth century draconian weapon - electric shock treatment!

The three short films depicting different types of mental problems were thought provoking and supported the main feature perfectly. The discussion group was small but bijoux and the consensus of opinion was that none of the characters in the main film were mad. It was thought that there would be much greater understanding now and their treatment would be more appropriate to their individual needs. In relation to the Stephen Fry short film, several in the group knew, personally, young people who had self harmed; an alarming development of this century, it would seem.


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