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Furniture Humper procedures

Please arrive between 45 minutes and an hour before doors open as that is needed to allow the job to be done safely. There are normally two people working together and If furniture humpers can contact one another and arrange to arrive at the same time it avoids one person doing an unfair share of the work.

There are 100 padded chairs in the store (arranged in seven stacks of 13 and one of 9), and two stacks of 18 grey plastic chairs. Please lay out all padded seats with 18 plastic chairs stacked at the front and 18 stacked at the rear of the hall to allow for audiences in excess of 100 - remember to position the padded chairs to allow for the potential addition of plastic ones. 

There is a trolley to help move chairs - only use this is you are confident that you can do so safely, otherwise ask for guidance and help.  When using the trolley make sure everyone is clear of the area in use.  Accept help from no more than one person if you are willing to take responsibility for their safety and actions.  Only stack chairs to the height you can safely.

Remember to leave plenty of room for people to to walk - even in an emergency situation.

Please carry rather than drag tables and chairs - this avoids rips in the flooring.  Please also be quiet when packing up so as to minimise disturbance to the discussion group. The three screens should be placed around the discussion group to give them some protection from the disturbance of the clear up that will be going on concurrently.

After the show please confirm chairs are clean and dry before quietly stacking as illustrated in the photo on the back of the store door.

Finally, the floor needs to be swept and mopped if necessary.  

Please let Eugene know how this procedure or description could be improved.