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Perfect Days (2023)

“Perfect Days”: A Tranquil Ode to Simplicity

In the serene world of Perfect Days, German director Wim Wenders masterfully captures the beauty of everyday life. The film revolves around Hirayama, a middle-aged public toilet cleaner in Tokyo, portrayed brilliantly by Koji Yakusho. Hirayama’s existence is marked by a perfect routine—a quiet, poignant character study that unfolds against the backdrop of the bustling city.

Living in a modest one-bedroom apartment, Hirayama’s mornings begin with the sound of the street sweeper—a gentle reminder of hope and new beginnings. His morning rituals involve brushing his teeth, tending to his cherished plants, and donning his overalls. As he steps out into the day, the rising sun and fresh morning air fill him with contentment.

Hirayama’s unwavering devotion to analog music—cassettes, to be precise—sets him apart from the digital trends. Choosing the perfect soundtrack to accompany the sunrise becomes a delightful ritual. The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun” becomes his faithful companion during his cleaning rounds.

Despite the mundane nature of his job, Hirayama finds joy in the dancing shadows of trees during breaks. His dedication to maintaining neglected spaces hints at deeper motivations. Perhaps solitude and the need to be left alone led him to this role. When he discovers a lost boy in a restroom, Hirayama’s compassion shines through as he reunites the child with his mother.

Perfect Days celebrates the ordinary—the beauty found in routine, the dignity of a humble life. Through Hirayama’s tranquil existence, the film invites us to appreciate the simplicity often overlooked in our fast-paced world. 

For those seeking solace and a glimpse of life’s quiet magic, Perfect Days offers a serene escape—a reminder that perfection lies in the everyday.

The programme starts 30 minutes after doors open and on Saturdays the main feature about 60 minutes after doors open.

Hirayama cleans public toilets in Tokyo, lives his life in simplicity and daily tranquility. Some encounters also lead him to reflect on himself.

Doors open:

6:30pm Saturday 6th July 2024


Wim Wenders


2h 4m
Kôji Yakusho, Yumi Asô, Tokio Emoto
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