High Noon (1952)

Fred Zinnemann directs this classic western starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. A just-married and newly retired small town sheriff, Will Kane (Cooper), stays on the job one more day in order to face up to a vengeful outlaw due to arrive on the noon train. As the clock slowly ticks towards the appointed hour, Kane realises he must also contend with the objections of his pacifist Quaker bride (Kelly) and the indifference of the townsfolk, who are willing to sacrifice him to ensure their own safety. The film received seven Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Director and won four with Cooper picking up the Best Actor award.

2pm Sunday 29th November 2020
Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell
Fred Zinnemann
Drama, Thriller, Western
1h 25min
Rusthall Community Cinema, Sunnyside Community Hall, Rusthall Road, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8RA.  hello@RusthallCinema.club