A Private Function (1984)

Why do I   love this movie sooooo much. Because it is one of the most delightful movies   ever made. From the opening shots of   Dame Maggie Smith and her aged mother (Liz Smith) jostling for space on the   Wurlitzer seat to the closing shots of Michael Palin and Richard Griffiths   looking sadly at Betty on the platter this is a movie where every scene has   something new. 

The contents of   Michael Palin's lunch box, Richard Griffiths popping his little trotter over   the edge of the chair to get a chocolate for Betty, Liz Smith checking her   nightgown for malodorous fumes, Bill Paterson and his wonderful artistry with   green paint ( don't miss this line its great), Michael Palin's overt Pythonesque   chiropodist sign, and Liz Smiths startled look watching him clean it, these   are just a taste of the subtle visual and aural moments that make this movie   magic (moments that obviously went completely over the head of a previous   reviewer).

Alan Bennetts plot is   original and actually believable, as snobbery of all kinds can be found alive   and well in any nation in the world at any time, and Denholm Elliot and Dame   Maggie Smith would have to be crowned the King and Queen of snobbery for   their efforts in this. Many people   read some books over and over This is a movie I watch over and over. I have   this movie on Video and I shall definitely be buying it on DVD as well

The programme starts 30 minutes after doors open and the main feature 60 minutes after doors open.
Doors open:
7pm Saturday 4th March 2023
Malcolm Mowbray
92 mins
Michael Palin, Maggie Smith, Denholm Elliott