Rusthall Community Cinema
Films we all choose, watch, then discuss. A charitable entertainment hub run by volunteers.

Door Guard procedures

Yours is the friendly face of welcome. If you are not familiar with the process please ask. 

Person one - ticketing.

Please arrive at about 6pm so that active volunteers can be accounted for. There will be a list of current members and an attendance record sheet. As people arrive check whether they are members - if so just tick their name on the members' sheet. Otherwise take £5 per person (unless any are included in the Film Friends portion of the record sheet) and put a mark on the record sheet. Volunteers and others wanting to reserve a seat should be given a 'reserved' card in line with the entrance policy.   Anyone who is both an active volunteer and a member gets only one tick (on the active volunteers list) otherwise we can over report attendance.

Please invite visitors who are not already on our email distribution list to leave their address so that we can update them a week before each film - they may unsubscribe when they please by clicking the link in each email.  Now direct them towards

When you first arrive please see which volunteers are already in the hall and mark them off on the members list and relieve them of £5 as appropriate.  The attendance sheet that person one completes is retained as a record for inspection by the film distributors who check that we comply with the terms of our licence. 

Person two. - raffling.

Please arrive at about 6:50pm.  Your job is to sell raffle tickets for £1 each. One ticket is given to the buyer and the matching numbered counterpart folded in 4 and put in the black hat.  The prize will be one of the DVDs or Blu-ray disks we have, maybe a bottle of wine, sometimes other donation - there is roughly a 1 in 8 chance of winning as we draw more winners the more tickets that are sold.


In an emergency your job is to ush people out of whichever exit is clear and have them assemble under the tree in the car park.  Bank notes should be unfolded to make life easier for the Treasurer, and please leave the volunteer and film friends cards in the order you would like them to be in at the start of this task.

Any problems should be referred to the floor manager. 

Please let Eugene know how this procedure or description could be improved.