Rusthall Community Cinema
Films we all choose, watch, then discuss. A charitable entertainment hub run by volunteers.

Discussion Group Leader & Master of Ceremonies

A few days before the show the videographer should make available a link to the short reel to enable it to be watched and thoughts collected before presentation on show night.

The MC of the evening (often but not always the same person who facilitates the discussion group) welcomes the audience at 7.30 and introduces the evening's programme. There may be background to the films that the audience would appreciate to enable them to add context or perhaps some trivia or goofs (available from IMDb) to watch out for. New visitors will appreciate knowing that there is an interval at the end of which the raffle will be drawn. Attendance at the discussion group is usually suggested at this point.

After the film is screened people are encouraged to step forward for the discussion group and chairs laid out.  Screens are drawn around the discussion group to give a little protection from the commotion of clearing away the seats and catering paraphernalia. 

Each facilitator have their own modus operandi: some split the film into areas to be discussed (e.g. plot, technical, cast) and maintain control over who speaks when. Others prefer a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone can chip in when they feel like it.  However it is done, all should be given the opportunity to speak but no one made to feel that they have to.   After 20 - 30 minutes the conclusions are summarised and chairs packed up.

The facilitator should consider writing a short summary for the blog, especially if there are no volunteer scribes in the assembled company.

There are two page sheets of suggestions that may be helpful - especially the first:

Please let Eugene know how this procedure or description could be improved.