Rusthall Community Cinema
Films we all choose, watch, then discuss. A charitable entertainment hub run by volunteers.

The Coordinator

Before the season Collate all the film suggestions to form a long list with links to IMDb records. This has to be posted on the website then sent to all annual members according to the timetable in the spreadsheet and votes collected and recorded.

The winning films are then published as a short list on the website together with voting instructions and an invitation to vote sent by email to all on the wider distribution list.

Assemble the chosen films into a list and ascertain that both media and licenses are available. Pass this to the brochure designer together with adverts that have been sold.

Arrange for the printing of 5,000 brochures - (previously done through then coordinate volunteers to distribute to addresses locally.

Collaborate with the poster designer to get the posters made.

Update BFI website with the season's films.
 Before the showThe schedule of volunteers & tasks is searched to find people for each of the jobs needed to put on the show. For each task the job is assigned to the person or people who have not done it for the longest time. This is tempered by avoiding those who have recently done another task.  Also dates that volunteers have indicated unavailability for are heeded.  An email is then sent to the selected volunteers asking them to confirm their availability. Each time a response is received the appropriate slot is marked in the spreadsheet.

6 days before the show an A3 poster is printed and laminated and placed by the ATM at Onestop.

A program of short films, trailers, advertisements etc. is assembled into a 20 minute .MP4 file and saved to the common Google Drive folder.  Once synchronised, the link is then sent to the discussion group facilitator.

Four days before the show an email is sent to all volunteers announcing those who will be staging the show.  The show's attendance sheet is then copied from the previous show and updated. The cash spreadsheet and exit PowerPoint presentation are also copied.

A slide show comprising ads for future films, administrative announcements, and listing all the volunteers to whom thanks should be directed is then assembled and placed in the Drive.

Three A2 posters are created by rasterbating the source posters for the following two films into two landscape A3 sheets.  Two A3 posters are printed with the next two films. These are all then laminated.  An A3 one is stapled to the bird table display, and the other made ready for the A frame.

Three days before the show two A2 posters are erected outside the hall.  Another one is put above the spotlights banner attached to the URC railings.

 Show day
If required, do the job of the Floor Manager
 Next day Return to the hall to complete the clear up.  Ensure that the hall/kitchen/toilets are in the same condition it was at the beginning of the evening.

Take down the posters outside the hall and the URC.

Go through attendance sheets and cash boxes to determine the number of paying attendees and members.  Separate off two sets of £25 and leave the appropriate coinage in the boxes - smaller denominations in the catering box and £1 coins in the box office table cash tin.

Pocket the cash then transfer the total taken to the RCC account.  Then from that account pay for the license, hall hire, and catering disbursements.  File the paperwork ready for the end of year audit.

Amend the website to remove the film just shown.  Collect the scribes' reports and add them to the blog together with a poster of the evening.  Upload any photos to a Facebook album.

Finally, an email to the volunteers of the evening summing up the achievement is appropriate.