Rusthall Community Cinema
Films we all choose, watch, then discuss. A charitable entertainment hub run by volunteers.

Catering volunteer procedures

LeadBefore the day – buy anything that has run out and replace out of date stock.

On the day - Arrive about 90 minutes before doors open to move chillable drinks from storage to the fridge. Then set up 2 large tables by the serving hatch to display drinks and snacks. There are 2 table cloths to go on first.  

In the keysafe you will find the Cinema kitchen cabinet keys to access stock and utensils.

Make sure you have the cash box and checked the float, price list, and calculator are available.  Put receipts in the cash box to be reimbursed the following day.  A saucer for £1 coins should be left in the serving hatch for those just wanting a tea/coffee.

After the show -  Check items (quantity & sell by dates) for next show and note any requirements. Lock the kitchen cabinet and return the key to the keysafe; confirm that the external storage unit is locked and the lights out. 
All - Before the showEveryone else helping on the day should arrive an hour before doors open.

Most of the stock is packed into 4 lidded labelled blue storage boxes which are held in the external storage unit at the rear of the hall.  These should be brought inside.

Display the snacks for the day - both stored snacks and any baked items specific to the film.

Make up Pimms (in the summer) using 1 part Pimms and 3 parts lemonade in tall blue lidded jug, fruits and ice (stored in the freezer).  Cool in the fridge until required.  Mulled wine (in the winter) Bottles of bought mulled wine – can add extra sugar and water and chopped fruits heated on the hob until required.  Keep the empty bottles to store any leftover mulled wine for next time.

Prepare for sales of hot drinks using the contents of the kitchen cupboard.

Put out bags or boxes for the recycleable items - separate ones for plastic/tins/glass, and paper.  

Only the catering crew on duty should be allowed in the kitchen - place a sign to that effect by the door.

All - After the showPlease clear up as quietly as possible at the end of the session as the discussion group is in progress. 

Wash, dry and store glasses and store everything back in the labelled blue boxes.  When packing boxes please consider what would make life easiest for those unpacking next time.  Chillable drinks should go in last.  

Please let Eugene or Rosemary know how this procedure or description could be improved.