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By: Eugene | January 15, 2018

13th January 2018

We had another splendid time with our second largest turnout: 31 annual members, 49 day members, and one guest, totalling 81 souls.  This was the first occasion we used the new kit and the improvement in sound and visual quality was noticeable.  There were problems with microphone and induction loop for those with hearing difficulties but work continues to resolve those.

The first short film 'The Lunch Date' was a black and white comedy involving a case of mistaken location of a bowl of salad.  After that we heard the voice of writer and director Randy Yang as he introduced his short: 'Video'. to us.  This too was well received and provided plenty of scope for us to discuss it with out neighbours over a glass of mulled wi...

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By: Eugene | December 17, 2017

16 Dec 17

Fifty of us braved cold and wet weather to see this film. Those with an addiction to Strictly Come Dancing were not able to be with us as the final was screened at the same time, but thanks to video recorders the rest of us turned out and had ourselves a real good time.

There were three short films - all Christmas Comedy themes.  The first saw a reprieve of Fluffy the goat from the previous shorts program, then Teri Meri Christmas was a film about an Indian couple pretending to be gay to appease the landlord, finally Argentine Tangos showed us the struggles of a non-dancer to woo a lady.

Mince pies, yule log, and mulled wine helped the evening along up to and including the discussion group.

A well acted and aesthetically be...

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By: Eugene | December 03, 2017

2nd December 2017

We were delighted to welcome 40 day members to join the 32 regulars at this, ultimately uplifting film.  The new equipment cabinet caused some old plastic chairs to have to be stored outside and these were needed for the last few audience members.  

The evening's theme was Botswana and several shorts were screened: some documentaries showing the flora and forna of the land as well as traditional songs and dances, the last short: Scapegoat, was a US/Botswanan comedy - rather light but the best that the videographer could come up with when constrained to be about or shot in Botswana.

The unlikely alliance between a white London girl and the King of Bechuanaland in the late 1940s proved to be a true marriage of minds with the stre...

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By: Eugene | November 12, 2017

11th November 2017

Another great evening to be sure. 31 of us met at the Daily Bread in Rusthall High Street and ate a meal that emulated that of the film in all but the substitution of alternatives for endangered species. The menu was

      1. Mushroom & Truffle Oil soup (as turtles are out of season)
      2. Roe & sour cream blinis served with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne
      3. Quail and foie gras represented by Chicken "en Sarcophage" (or a vegetarian alternative if advance notice given)
      4. Endive Salad
      5. Savarin au Rhum served with Champagne
      6. Assorted cheeses and fruits with choice of wine
      7. Coffee with Truffles & Macarons
The wines that accompanied the meal were
Clos Salomon Montagny Le Clou (white) 
Ch Cardinal Villemaurine St Emillon (red)

To burn off tho...

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By: Eugene | October 22, 2017

21st October 2017

Another milestone evening as we screen our first film using our own, new, projector: a  BenQ LK970.  22 annual members and 23 door sales came to see an evening themed around mental health.

After a few words from Cllr. James McInroy who presented the projector to us we watched a short film called Inside directed by Trevor Sands which gave an insight into what hearing multiple voices could be like.  We then watched Stephen Fry talk to the Oxford Union about his own issues with bipolar disorder.  Finally we saw a Kent based project that encouraged people to sing to enhance their mental health.

As usual we finished with the raffle draw and discussion group before heading home on a wet and windy night.

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By: Eugene | October 01, 2017

30th September 2017

Twenty eight annual members, 45 day members, and two guests turned out to watch this superbly acted film. It shows the life of the eponymous protagonist and a 'young lass' he befriends as they battle their way against the bureaucratic and systemically disjointed social security system. The film shows them having to turn to a food bank for support and this was all the cue we needed to invite Nourish Community Foodbank to journey down from Tunbridge Wells and collect a huge load of donated food and cash that our generous audience brought with them. Dawn Stanford took the microphone for a few minutes to explain the work of Nourish and thank those that contributed.

Two short films were screened first. The Gunfighter, written by Kevin Tenglin and...

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By: Eugene | September 17, 2017

16th September 2017

This film was free to all thanks to our being sponsored by the Rusthall Community Arts.  Some 30 adults and 40 children came to this film and all seemed to have a great time.  Alas the popcorn sold out but we were able to supply sufficient chocolate to assuage the cravings. 

Born out of the old stories of fairies, good and not so good, attendant at the birth of a baby, "Inside Out" cleverly personifies every human emotion in brightly coloured little personalities who struggle amongst themselves to keep Riley contented and successful throughout her childhood. Full of humour, near disasters and extraordinary adventures the film appealed to everyone, especially the children.

"The Voice of Kent"  and the ca...

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By: Eugene | September 02, 2017

1st September 2017

The first film of out new season and the only one planned for a Friday screening. Being a 90 minute film we were able to accommodate a longer than usual short film before: Aya.  An entreating glimpse of a ride from an airport to the hotel.  Instead of a discussion group following the film we enjoyed a dance lesson. 

The perennial story of good over evil, "Dirty Dancing" demonstrates that determination can overturn domination. The film raises spirits to the extent of making the audience break into applause and dance in the aisles.

The excellent short film, "Aya" held the audience in suspense from the beginning. As the story unfolded, neither of the protagonists behaved as strangers would normally do. This low...

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By: Eugene | August 14, 2017

12th August 2017

We had a large turnout for this film possibly as a result of the quality of actors in the lead roles. German dictionaries were strewn around the cinema as can be seen in the photos attached to our Facebook event.

20 minutes of short films related to a theme in the main feature are usually screened before the main event.  This time the audience were presented with two options and invited to vote for which should be shown.  By a majority of about 2 to 1 the 'traditional' drama won over the animated science fiction.  We also watched and listened to 'The Big Record' by Paul Cheese which was shot locally (including two scenes inside Sunnyside Hall), as well as 90 seconds of Jimmy's selfie and Lis' wake before her funeral.

The discus...

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By: Eugene | July 23, 2017

22nd July 2017

Another good evening albeit with fewer than usual in the audience.  This could have been down to the poor review of those that had already seen it, the bad weather, or the other events that were going on concurrently.

There were two shorts: an animated one about conformity followed by Timecode - linked to the main feature by the theme of dance.  Both of these were warmly received.

The reduced size discussion group concluded that the day of the Hollywood musical was past.  The set designers had found vinyl records of shows such as South Pacific to remind us of what was available in years past.  

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